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About us

Threadgold Home Finders is a specialist property search company acting on behalf of clients looking to rent or buy in the York area.

The company was set up by Ross Potter following a successful career in estate agency with some of the top independent and corporate firms in the area. Throughout this time in estate agency a large number of professional relationships have been formed and various skills have been developed, essential for the home finding service. Many of the properties that we are offered have not reached the websites or local newspaper adverts.

In addition to the estate agency experience Ross has also developed various properties over the past twelve years, and is able to identify the potential of a property, know what area is promising for potential growth, understand the demand the area and property type and know the ceiling prices, all of which are essential to the house buying process.

Buying property can be a stressful, expensive and time consuming experience. We appreciate that spending endless hours searching on the Internet, ringing estate agents, visiting estate agents, viewing properties that are completely unsuitable is one of the most frustrating ways to spend your valuable time. We will do all the legwork on your behalf and shortlist only the most suitable properties and oversee the whole process through to completion.

Most people would not consider buying a business without seeking advice from an accountant, trade shares without a stockbroker or plan their retirement without a financial advisor. Professional advice and help is essential when making such an important decision, therefore why risk making the wrong choice when buying a property?

Our clients include:

  • Relocators
  • Local buyers and tenants
  • First time buyers
  • Investors
  • Developers/Builders

Remember an estate agent acts for the seller!

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