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Relocating to York: The Process

Relocating to York? We will make the process smooth and hassle-free.

Initial meeting

We will arrange a meeting at a time and location convenient to yourselves to discuss your individual requirements. The aim is to fully understand your time scales, budget and needs.

Area tour

We will spend a day or however appropriate showing you the area of your choice before the search commences. We will show you the types and values of properties available, schools, amenities and leisure facilities whist advising you on the pro's and con's of each area.

Property search

From the initial meeting and area tour we will both have a full understanding of how realistic the requirements and time scales are. We then search the market leaving no stone unturned. We pro actively search with estate agents, builders, developers, private owners and are not adverse to targeting specific properties if required. This comprehensive approach ensures that we are offered properties prior to them entering the open market. We view properties on your behalf whilst giving regular feedback to yourselves. If it is convenient we will chauffeur you to the properties and accompany you whilst advising you on both the positives and the negatives.


Once we have filtered out the properties that are not suitable we are able to shortlist the most appropriate ones. We will research each one prior to a second viewing and look at comparable sales and recent sold prices to establish how realistic each property is and also look at crime statistics for the area and school results. Again we will aim to chauffeur and accompany you to each one until you are comfortable that the correct property has been found.


This is one of the main area's of our expertise. We have years of estate agency experience and understand the tactics used by the agents. We ensure that all negotiations are not based on emotions and our skills in negotiating often ensure that our fees become self funding.


Once a sale has been agreed we will oversee the whole process to ensure that the purchase proceeds as smoothly as possible.


Our aim throughout the whole property finding process is to keep the search and acquisition as stress free as possible. We have long standing relationships with local companies that compliment our own services. These range from Surveyors to Solicitors, Financial advisor's to Interior designers. Please ask for any related services that you require.

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